Athabasca Caribou Landscape Management Options Report – 2009

The Athabasca Landscape Team (ALT) was established in June 2008 and asked to develop management options to recover and sustain boreal caribou in all populations in the Athabasca Landscape area, consistent with Alberta’s woodland caribou Recovery Plan. The ALT undertook two analyses from which it developed the management options presented in this report. The first was a rating of the relative risk to caribou persistence within each planning area and range based on a series of eight risk criteria. These criteria, provided in the report, included both biological and land-use factors believed to influence short- or long-term persistence and habitat function. The second analysis conducted for each planning area involved simulation modeling. Modeling was conducted to forecast likely caribou populations and habitat conditions under three scenarios including non-industrial, business as usual, and alternative futures. Results from two ranges are provided in the report (a detailed modeling report was included as an Appendix). Finally, the ALT recommends management options that would recover and sustain current caribou abundance and distribution in each Athabasca Landscape planning area.

Athabasca Caribou Landscape Management Options Report – 2009.pdf

Athabasca Landscape Team. 2009. Athabasca Caribou Management Options Report. 115 Pages.