Deh Cho Cumulative Effects Study, Phase 1- 2004

The Deh Cho Land Use Planning Committee is developing a land use plan for the nearly 210,000 km2 Deh Cho territory. The committee initiated a two part Cumulative Effects study to identify cumulative effects indicators appropriate for the Deh Cho Plan area and, where possible, to recommend science-based candidate thresholds or limits for these indicators. This report describes Phase 1 − the cumulative indicator and threshold literature review and provides candidate indicators for consideration by the Land Use Planning Committee.  This first phase of the Cumulative Effects study also evaluated and integrated available data to document the current status of proposed land use indicators and help identify hot-spots where risk of cumulative effects are elevated.

Deh Cho Cumulative Effects Study Phase 1- 2004.pdf

Salmo Consulting Inc., Axys Environmental Consulting Ltd., Forem Technologies, and Wildlife & Company Ltd. 2004. Deh Cho Cumulative Effects Study Phase I: Management Indicators and Thresholds. Prepared for Deh Cho Land Use Planning Committee. 172 Pages