In Situ Oil Sands Footprint Monitoring Project – 2008

Stakeholders and regulators have become increasingly concerned about the cumulative impact of existing and future in situ oil sands operations on ecosystem health and reclamation success in the Lakeland Industrial and Community Association region or northeast Alberta. To respond to these concerns, Alberta Environment commissioned a pilot project to develop a terrestrial footprint monitoring protocol for the region. The intent of the project was to establish a foundation for ongoing monitoring of the in situ development footprint that would ultimately assist stakeholders and regulators in responsible land management and sustainable development. This report describes recommended land use indicators, data sources, and analysis methods.

In Situ Oil Sands Footprint Monitoring Project – 2008.pdf

Antoniuk T., K. Manuel, M. Sutherland, and J. T. Bowen. 2008. In Situ Oil Sands Footprint Monitoring Project. Prepared for Alberta Environment Land Monitoring Team. 131 Pages