NEBC CE Indicators, Thresholds, and Case Studies Report – 2003

This report focuses on one component of an overall strategy for identifying, scoping, assessing and managing cumulative effects within Northeast British Columbia, namely the use of science-based management indicators and thresholds as a tool to clearly identify desired environmental outcomes. It introduces the innovative concept of tiered ecological management thresholds linked to land use management zones as a cumulative effects management tool.

The main body of the report describes key cumulative effects concepts and summarizes more detailed appendices that provide a literature review of possible cumulative effects indicators (Appendix 1) and case studies for two areas in northeast British Columbia (Appendices 2 and 3). It also shows how four candidate indicators and tiered ecological management thresholds could be applied as part of the Oil and Gas Commission’s project assessment and review process.

NEBC CE Indicators, Thresholds, and Case Studies Report.pdf

Salmo Consulting Inc., Diversified Environmental Services, GAIA Consultants Inc., Forem Technologies Ltd., Axys Environmental Consulting Ltd. 2003. Volume 2: Cumulative Effects Indicators, Thresholds and Case Studies. CEAMF Study, Volume 2. Prepared for BC Oil and Gas Commission and Muskwa-Kechika Advisory Board. 104 Pages