Sahtu Target Implementation Project -2009

The Sahtu Land Use Planning Board is mandated to develop and implement a land use plan for the Sahtu Settlement Area of the Northwest Territories. This study was commissioned by the planning board to identify useful ‘Valued components’ and provide science-based information on candidate targets that could be used to manage these Valued Components as part of the land use plan. This paper identifies three general Valued Components – wildlife, water quality, and fish. These were concluded to be the best regional examples for target implementation because relatively good information is available to generate candidate objectives for one or more regions of the Sahtu Settlement Area. Approaches that could be used by the Sahtu Land Use Planning Board to define management targets are described, including measures to incorporate social values and risk.

Sahtu Target Implementation Project -2009.pdf

Antoniuk T., M. Sullivan, K. Manuel, M. Sutherland, and S. Francis. 2009. Sahtu Target Implementation Project. Prepared for Sahtu Land Use Planning Board. 95 Pages.