Yukon Caribou Range Planning

Yukon is undergoing unprecedented mineral exploration and development. Through the environmental assessment process, effects of the associated industrial activity are considered on a project by project basis. Given the concentration of multiple exploration activities and projects in some regions of Yukon, we must also address the need for long-term baseline data collection and monitoring to support the broader assessment of cumulative effects conducted through the Yukon’s Socio-economic and Environmental Assessment Board (YESAB) review process.

Solid baseline information on key fish and wildlife indicators has been identified as a limiting factor in assessments for areas with high levels of industrial activity. This report was commissioned to enable the Fish and Wildlife Branch to develop a coordinated and well planned approach to data gathering and preparation using sound, science-based methods that allow for the identification of probable responses to be used in support of the assessment of industrial activities at a regional scale.

This work is a contribution to the Yukon government’s inter-departmental framework for cumulative effects management.


Francis, S., T. Antoniuk, J. Nishi, and S. Kennett. 2013. Range assessment as a cumulative effects management tool.  Prepared for Environment Yukon.

Caribou Protection and Recovery Program – 2012

In 2011, the Oil Sands Leadership Initiative Land Stewardship Working Group commissioned the investigation into the feasibility of creating a fenced woodland caribou predator exclosure or safe zone in northeast Alberta. A workshop with 43 technical experts was held in May 2012 to discuss appropriate guidelines or criteria that would be required to successfully implement a predator exclosure from a biological and ecological standpoint, or the science-based reasons why this approach should not be considered further. This report integrates conclusions and recommendations of the four feasibility evaluations and technical workshop.

Caribou Protection and Recovery Program – 2012.pdf

Antoniuk T., L. McNeil, J. Nishi, and K. Manuel. 2012. Caribou Protection and Recovery Program – Technical Guidance. Prepared for Oil Sands Leadership Initiative Land Stewardship Working Group. 84 Pages.